The American Hotel Amsterdam has its own professional music studio in the basement. With this, the hotel emphasizes the special place that music and musicians occupy in the company. The musical tandem that forms the management of Studio Americain knows how to put hairs and strings in the music world. At the end of October 2015, the doors of the studio Americain officially opened. Even though the producers of the famous American music platform Fader Pro had already initiated the studio during the Amsterdam Dance Event a week earlier.

"The Amsterdam American Hotel has had musical guests on the floor for decades. We often see that artists are responding to their I-phone during an inspiration moment. Regularly colleagues meet each other in Bar Americain, where they take the plan to someday take something together."

Studio Americain offers the musicians the exclusive opportunity to use both analogue and digital equipment. The studio facilitates every musician, from amateur to professional, who wants to use the expertise of this team to write, rehearse, track, produce or record music. An arsenal of professional musical instruments and recording equipment is available. The studio may be an open and accessible learning and jam session.

All artists who want to use the studio can simply walk in. The front desk of the hotel is staffed 24 hours a day. For more certainty, musicians can reserve in advance by telephone. In addition to fixed rates for standardized services, tailor-made offers are also made for long-term projects or a special wish.